Un Vistón, a vacation rental home in San Martín de los Andes, was chosen to be part of the Boutique Homes collection in Patagonia.

Created in 2010, Boutique Homes has become one of the most select platforms to explore and select vacation homes, with its own inventory and curated by specialists. It includes some of the most sought after homes in the world.

Properties are carefully selected by Veronique Lievred and boutique-homes-un-vistonHeinz Legler, the couple that founded Boutique homes. This powerful twosome designed, built and decorated hotels and vacation homes during 12 years. They are the creators of the renowned Verana, handmade hotel, built on the mountainside and overlooking the ocean in Valle del Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico.

The couple includes only the best properties around the world, a coveted list of 500 homes that curators select with the premise of luxury being more about simplicity than ostentation. ”We do not want to include too many properties in each destination -said Legler-; that would go against the spirit of the project. We want to keep it small, so that users don’t get lost”.

Users, mostly architects, designers, artists, journalists, profit from the pre-selection offered by Boutique Homes to minimize all those minutes usually wasted on booking sites, to find designer homes that are chic and original.

With more than 120,000 visits and 500,000 pages viewed every month, inclusion in the Boutique Homes Collection is by invitation only.

Boutique Homes Collection Patagonia

Needless to say, the masterminds that created Un Vistón cannot hide their pride. This one-of-a-kind property in San Martín de los Andes shares similar features with another house in northern Patagonia, designed by architect Roberto Frangela, facing the Nahuel Huapí.

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